Poll: What is the Best Type of Bag for the Jam?

Megan Arrives to the Jam with Her Bag

A common experience shared among jammers is packing one’s jam equipment into a bag before heading to the jam. The bag the holds the equipment can be integral to the process. It must hold everything; the discs, whiz rings, nails, glue, slick, shoes, etc. It must be easy to pack and unpack and easy to carry without being too bulky or heavy. Sometimes it must also protect the gear from wet grass or rain or possible worse…the sweat from the dirty clothes after the jam.

When Charles Kuske recommended this poll to me, I took a moment to reflect on the history of my jam bags. I used to use a duffel bag but switched to a backpack long ago for the ease of carrying. At one point I had a special backpack with a Sky-Styler sized disc pouch. I found that I carried more discs than would fit in the special pouch and so moved on to a water-proof backpack so my clean clothes would stay dry. Still, I am not convinced that my bag is the best. It doesn’t quite fit all my stuff, especially on a cold day where I need warmer jam clothes. I’ve seen people use rolling suitcases, and other custom bags that are tailored for Sky-Stylers. So now, Charles and I want to know:

What is the Best Type of Bag for the Jam?

What is the Best Type of Bag for the Jam?

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If you have a favorite bag, please leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. I love the Deuter trans alpine 30. It’s basically a regular backpack but it comes with adjustable straps usually used for bike helmets and it holds up to 4 disks perfectly. I saw Benno with it first and got inspired. 🙂

  2. still love my FPA backpack- carrying it to every single jam since 2010. Thank you Tita Ugalde!!

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