Episode 76: Stork Provides Deep Insight to Wham-o History

Tyler and Dan Roddick

Episode 75: FPAW 2018 Champ Interviews

Pavel is the first Czec ChampionWe’re back!!

Co-op Champions
Pavel Baranyk – Ryan Young – Dave Schiller

Womens Champions
Emma Kahle – Lisa Hunrichs

Mixed Champions
Matt Gauthier – Lisa Hunrichs

Open Pairs Champions
James Wiseman – Ryan Young

FPAW 2018 Results are here

FPAW 2018 Routines are here

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Episode 74: Trnava Frisbee Games Promo Interview with Jakub Kostel & Dexter Struz

Trnava Frisbee GamesTournament directors Jakub Kostel & Dexter Struz update us on FPA World Championships 2018 in Trnava and what to expect. FPAW is part of Trnava Frisbee Games while will also include Ultimate, Disc Dog, and Disc Golf events.

Episode 73: Live from Sun Break 2018

Live from Sun Break 2018This was our live episode from Sun Break 2018. Attached is both the audio only and video versions. Enjoy!!

    • Interview Ryan Young, the Tournament Directory
    • Interview Pavel Baranyk, the Open Pairs and Follow the Leader winner
    • Jam time




Episode 72: Konn Kummins Mystery Man Revealed

Konn Kummins Mystery Man Revealed

  • Jake explains a new spin practice inspired by Ryan Young.
  • Konn tells us how it all began and of course the V-bros were part of it and how the “Ally Pally Tossers” embraced him.
  • Holland Park became his home away from home where he developed his skills over 20 years.
  • Adrian Wainwright was Konn’s first partner and mentor and they brought an edge to the game that was not the norm.
  • Konn and Adrian hook up with Jason Salkey to create a formidable co-op team.
  • We also learn there was a lot of action going on in European jam scene at the time.

Jake and Randy will be pausing the podcast for a few months to focus on the upcoming livestreams at EFO & FPAW 2018 and other FrisbeeGuru projects. Don’t worry the podcast will be back with new freshly baked episodes in September. Happy Summer!!

Episode 71: Dave Lewis & Arthur Coddington – Magic appears

Dave Lewis Tipping

  • Jake and Randy discuss the jam packed freestyle schedule this summer and the livestream.
  • Dave and Arthur talk about playing with different co-op partners.  
  • Setting a goal in competition can lift your game but competition is not for everybody.  
  • Arthur & Randy recall their journey competing together with only a spontaneous approach.  
  • Jake & Randy discuss the magic of spontaneous play and how it happened to them.

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Below are some more videos of Dave and Arthur’s winning routines:






Dave Lewis & Arthur Coddington Dropless 1996 FPA Freestyle Frisbee World Championships from Dave Spike Lewis on Vimeo.

Episode 70: Fabio Sanna Goes Al Dente

Fabio Sana Does a Chest Roll

  • Jake says that Jammers 2018 was the best in 11 years; there was a strong & consistent wind, which made the play exciting and allowed for some unique experimentation.
  • Fabio shares about the Acrobatic Frisbee Team with Claudio and Clay, who Randy agrees, is quite magical.
  • Find out how Tom Leitner & Paul Kenny play into Fabio’s evolution.
  • Fabio competed in Rimini, his first worlds, in 2004, and was thriller to make it to the semi-finals.
  • Eleonora entered the scene in 2004 and in 2006, they won the mixed pairs world title. That championship gave Europeans hope that anything was possible!
  • Fabio’s favorite routine with his lovely partner Eleonora, was in Prague in 2011, which was an amazing victory for them. 

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Episode 69: Chipper Bro Bell – Room Service Please!

Chipper Bro Bell

  • Jake shares his experience at Jammers… oops, by this taping, he hadn’t really been yet.  You will get a real update next week.
  • Chipper Bro Bell returns regaling stories from the time that he, Joey Hudoklin, and Crazy John Brooks were on the Budlight Team in 1983.  
  • They entertained at spring breaks, chili cookoffs, baseball games, and ultimately ended up joining the concert tour.
  • Wait until you hear about the huge crowds the famous bands they opened up for.   
  • Crazy comes by his name honestly… Chipper elaborates with some amazing tales.
  • In a past episode, Joey shared the story of playing in China immediately prior to the Tiananmen Square incident. Chipper shares his perspective on the visit, which days later,  Newsweek Magazine reported that demonstrations were sparked by the Jan & Dean duo. Find out what really may have been the spark and how that became Frisbee history.
  • Jake asks Chip about the impact to his skill level and growth as a player.  Your game improves, but it can get a bit boring doing the same routine time and time again. Randy can relate to the demo lifestyle, albeit not quite as exotic.
  • Chipper is clearly thankful for how he was able to celebrate frisbee in such an amazing way, and get paid for it!

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Episode 68: The Stork Flies Again; An Indian Summer with Extra Herbal Sauce

Stork and Sally Struthers

  • Jake and Randy follow up on the moves they discussed they wanted to work on over the year.
  • Hear about some of Stork’s inspirations over the years, who knew it would turn to a discussion of spandex.
  • It also leads to more philosophical discussions about transcendent moments while playing.
  • Stork talks us through some of his observations from various players and trends from the 70’s and ‘80’s.
  • Jake and Randy demonstrate their freestyle geekery.  Did you enhance or erode your reputation the last time you played or competed?

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Episode 67: Joey Hudoklin Goes with the Flow

Joey Hudoklin

Photo by Scott Star

  • Randy calls out a couple great players that deserve to be recognized.
  • Joey talks about competing indoors vs. outdoors. There are a couple different schools of thought, as you all know.
  • He also comments on shorter vs. longer routines stating that flexibility might be a good direction to go in.
  • Joey takes it a step further and brainstorms ways that the categories could change to shake things up and reward different styles.
  • Have you heard of the 24 second clock? Joey shares Craig Smith’s concept and how it can be applied.
  • For new players, he encourages them to master the fundamentals. It is amazing how this philosophy can be applied to life.
  • Randy and Jake get a little out there, but we still love them.

Jammers in Jacksonville will be live streamed next weekend, hope you’ll tune in.