New Poll – What spin do you take?

When entering a jam with unfamiliar jammers, the question “what spin do you take?” is often posed. The answer is not simple. Let’s say you’re counter skills, although not on par with clock, are still quite formidable. If you answer “clock” you may be branded a clock player and never get a counter throw. Worse, you may be banished from future counter jams. But if you say “both” you may end up getting more counter than clock, and feeling a bit frustrated. Yet, in the time it takes to say “I’d like 87% clock, and 12% counter, and 1% third world with a plus or minus %2 margin.” the disc has been thrown and you’re stuck with what you got. Yes, it’s usually best to blurt out “clock” or “counter” or “yes” or just let a little drool spill from your lip. Gotta keep that flow going after all.

Heinsville wants to know; when you’re asked “what spin do you take?” how do you respond? Vote now.

DiscCast Extra: Stork

Frisboyz present pieces of an interview with Stork as a teaser for their decades project. In the interview Stork shares his views on judging and a tournament format idea he has created to help draw players of all skill levels. At jam camp we used the same basic concept to form teams and ended the event with a no pressure competition. It was actually pretty fun to see the new jammers having their skills showcased along side the pros. Many of the campers would not have shown off in this way had we not used this concept. Anyhow, the interview is very thought provoking. Listen to the interview.

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Poll Results – Name this move

And now…introducing…the 360 Whip Over! I asked for help naming the move in the video and you have spoken. This move does not need a mysterious name to be cool. Direct and to the point. “Look at me! I’m a 360 whip over. I dare you to try!” Poll results below.

Answer Text Votes %  

Hardest Move in the World

0 0.00

Circle of Life

5 17.24

360 Whip Over

11 37.93

Topsy Turvy

2 6.90

Sunny Side Up

2 6.90

 Other 9 31.03


Other Answers:

  • The Jake
  • girotondo
  • Ring of Venus
  • Full Circle
  • Jake’s turnover thing a ma jiggy.
  • (I am not!)
  • need to see the whole move
  • spinning gitosis
  • Sunny side-over

Returning From Jam Camp 2010

Lori and I have just returned from Jam Camp 2010 and let me tell you, it was amazing. As always, I spent most of my time with frisbees and friends and not behind the camera or at the computer. However, between Lori and I (mostly Lori) we have some photos, videos, and stories to share. We’ll sort them out and post them over the next couple days. For now, a few memorable moments; huge “pre” jam at Fraser park, Krae in the “post” jam, students step up BIG TIME in the competition, and Stork’s mind blowing introductory talk. Thank you to all the students, instructors, volunteers and ESPECIALLY to Tita for making it all happen. This is one of my favorite yearly events.

PDX Freestyler’s performing for the PSU Vikings

The PDX Freestyle Frisbee team will be performing for the Portland State University Vikings basket ball teams at their half time show. The performances will take place on Jan. 30 @ the 2:00p women’s game and Feb 26 at the 7:05p men’s game. The PDX Freestyle team consists of Lori Daniels, Jake Gauthier, Matt Gauthier, and Lisa Hunrichs. Buy some tickets and see the show…the basket ball game will be a great bonus! HAH!