Poll: Is The Spin You Brush Best in High Wind is the Same Spin You Jam Best with in No Wind?

Toddy Brushes in High Wind

Photo by Lori Daniels

In part 1 of this poll series, we asked the question: which spin people brush best in high wind? In part 2, we expand on the question. At The Jammers 2018, I noticed how well many players who I tend to think of as counter players were quite proficient at brushing clock in high wind. This made me wonder if some players have mastery over a different spin depending on the playing conditions. In this poll, let’s find out. Notice that there is no “maybe” or “both” option. Ask your self, honestly, which spin are you best with in your no wind game? Sure, I don’t prefer one spin or the other, but if I’m honest, I have deeper skills with clock. Once you’ve made that choice, answer the question below by comparing your high wind answer from part 1, with your no wind answer. Are they the same, or not?


Is The Spin You Brush Best in High Wind is the Same Spin You Jam Best with in No Wind?

Is The Spin You Brush Best in High Wind is the Same Spin You Jam Best with in No Wind?

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Word of the Day – Speed Flow

Speed Flow

Photo by Ron Krestchmann

Speed Flow (noun): It has been said that speed flow is freestyle Frisbee without a nail delay or an air brush. In other words, it is the game of trick throws and catches with a flying disc. From this perspective, many flying disc practitioners are unknowingly playing freestyle Frisbee on a regular basis. Speed flow is truly the origin of modern freestyle; it is much more than fancy throws and trick catches. The idea that nail delay and air brush tricks may be strung together in a seamless series of body movements emerged from the concept of speed flow. Speed flow is the art of transitioning from a catch to the next throw in one, quick and fluid motion. This takes two otherwise distinct actions and blends them into one skillful maneuver. 

Episode 69: Chipper Bro Bell – Room Service Please!

Chipper Bro Bell

  • Jake shares his experience at Jammers… oops, by this taping, he hadn’t really been yet.  You will get a real update next week.
  • Chipper Bro Bell returns regaling stories from the time that he, Joey Hudoklin, and Crazy John Brooks were on the Budlight Team in 1983.  
  • They entertained at spring breaks, chili cookoffs, baseball games, and ultimately ended up joining the concert tour.
  • Wait until you hear about the huge crowds the famous bands they opened up for.   
  • Crazy comes by his name honestly… Chipper elaborates with some amazing tales.
  • In a past episode, Joey shared the story of playing in China immediately prior to the Tiananmen Square incident. Chipper shares his perspective on the visit, which days later,  Newsweek Magazine reported that demonstrations were sparked by the Jan & Dean duo. Find out what really may have been the spark and how that became Frisbee history.
  • Jake asks Chip about the impact to his skill level and growth as a player.  Your game improves, but it can get a bit boring doing the same routine time and time again. Randy can relate to the demo lifestyle, albeit not quite as exotic.
  • Chipper is clearly thankful for how he was able to celebrate frisbee in such an amazing way, and get paid for it!

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Poll: What Spin Do You Air Brush the Best in High Wind?

Pablo Azul Brushes ClockLast weekend at The Jammers 2018, the wind was very strong; at least 12mph and often more. My game has always been strong with clock spin, but I’ve been working on my counter skills lately. This high wind was humbling; I found that I have a long ways to go to really master counter brushing in high wind. One observation I came away with over the weekend is that most players there were able to brush clock. Even some people I thought might be be better with counter spin, still seemed to handle clock well. Some even preferred it.

This concept of preferring different spins for different skills is not a new one. Joey Hudocklin explained how he learned to delay counter, but brush clock as he was mastering his freestyle skills. This is the inspiration for this 2 part poll series. In part 1, we’ll find out which spin direction people are best at while air brushing in a high wind. In part 2, we’ll learn if your best airbrush spin is the same as your best nail delay spin.

In this poll there are no “both” or “none” options. Even if you are proficient at both, or can hardly do either, choose the one you can do the best.

What Spin Do You Air Brush the Best in High Wind?


What Spin Do You Air Brush the Best in High Wind?

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Episode 68: The Stork Flies Again; An Indian Summer with Extra Herbal Sauce

Stork and Sally Struthers

  • Jake and Randy follow up on the moves they discussed they wanted to work on over the year.
  • Hear about some of Stork’s inspirations over the years, who knew it would turn to a discussion of spandex.
  • It also leads to more philosophical discussions about transcendent moments while playing.
  • Stork talks us through some of his observations from various players and trends from the 70’s and ‘80’s.
  • Jake and Randy demonstrate their freestyle geekery.  Did you enhance or erode your reputation the last time you played or competed?

There are new t-shirts available in new colors as well as a “Guru Hand” with all our favorite freestyle lingo.  Check them out on frisbeeguru.com/store!

The Jammers 2018 Results

James Wiseman, Lori Daniels, Rank: 1, Points: 3216.4, Details: Todd: 982.0  Carl: 992.4  Joel: 1242.1  
Larry Imperriale, Connie Bond, Rank: 2, Points: 2751.6, Details: Joel: 1023.5  Carl: 920.2  Todd: 807.9  
Cindy St. Mary, Tony Pellicane, Rank: 3, Points: 2538.9, Details: Joel: 1035.9  Todd: 610.0  Carl: 893.0  
Daniel O’Neil, Bethany Sanchez, Rank: 4, Points: 2310.8, Details: Joel: 935.4  Todd: 561.6  Carl: 813.9 


Daniel O’Neil, Joey, Rank: 1, Points: 2854.7, Details: Joel: 1131.8  Todd: 899.5  Carl: 823.4  
James, Ryan, Rank: 2, Points: 2817.2, Details: Carl: 894.7  Todd: 764.3  Joel: 1158.2  
Paul, Larry, Rank: 3, Points: 2699.2, Details: Todd: 788.1  Carl: 823.2  Joel: 1087.8  
Pablo, Tito, Rank: 4, Points: 2633.5, Details: Carl: 741.3  Todd: 870.8  Joel: 1021.4  
Jonathan, Jeff, Rank: 5, Points: 2337.3, Details: Carl: 770.2  Todd: 678.0  Joel: 889.1  
Cindy, Kim, Rank: 6, Points: 2153.3, Details: Todd: 574.9  Joel: 855.5  Carl: 722.9  
Jim, Mike, Tony, Rank: 7, Points: 2138.7, Details: Carl: 700.9  Todd: 547.9  Joel: 889.9  
Dan Yarnell, Steve, Rank: 8, Points: 2029.0, Details: Todd: 597.6  Carl: 689.4  Joel: 741.9  
Lori, Charles, Rank: 9, Points: 1582.9, Details: Joel: 600.9  Todd: 366.4  Carl: 615.6  
Bernie, Connie, Rank: 10, Points: 1535.3, Details: Todd: 392.1  Carl: 551.4  Joel: 591.9  
Craig, Chuck, Rank: 11, Points: 1497.1, Details: Carl: 497.4  Todd: 433.0  Joel: 566.7 

New T-Shirt Design and Colors

It’s been about a year since we introduced the FrisbeeGuru T-Shirt an opened our store. Since then, many of you have purchased shirts and mugs and joined the Wall of Gurus. In celebration of the one year anniversary and of all the great support and feedback we’ve received from you, we are introducing some new items.

First up is a new set of colors with a yellow circle. With this we complete the rainbow and can match any color pallet for your tournament or jamming wardrobe.

Next up is a new T-Shirt design. It’s a word cloud Freestyle Frisbee terminology in the shape of a hand. With this T-Shirt you can proudly display your love for Freestyle Frisbee and entice your friends to ask, “what is a nail delay?” Who knows, maybe this will be what leads someone into our fine sport.

Remember, all proceeds go directly to supporting our mission, so don’t hesitate to check out our store. We thank you for your support! Don’t forget to tune in to The Jammers 2018 Live stream. You might even see me wearing one of these fine shirts on the stream 😉

Episode 67: Joey Hudoklin Goes with the Flow

Joey Hudoklin

Photo by Scott Star

  • Randy calls out a couple great players that deserve to be recognized.
  • Joey talks about competing indoors vs. outdoors. There are a couple different schools of thought, as you all know.
  • He also comments on shorter vs. longer routines stating that flexibility might be a good direction to go in.
  • Joey takes it a step further and brainstorms ways that the categories could change to shake things up and reward different styles.
  • Have you heard of the 24 second clock? Joey shares Craig Smith’s concept and how it can be applied.
  • For new players, he encourages them to master the fundamentals. It is amazing how this philosophy can be applied to life.
  • Randy and Jake get a little out there, but we still love them.

Jammers in Jacksonville will be live streamed next weekend, hope you’ll tune in.