AFO Live Stream – Day 3

John Houck interviews Dave Murphy at the American Freestyle Open

John Houck interviews Dave Murphy at the American Freestyle Open

The American Freestyle Open 2014 is now behind us. Here’s a brief review of the live stream project for the final day.

We had 400 unique viewers and peaked at 72 concurrent viewers. It seems there was more interest in the finals than other rounds as people who tuned in , stayed tuned in. However, with >600 unique views on day 1, it’s clear that the PDGA and WFDF co-promotion added to the traffic.

Operationally, things went off very well with only minor glitches that including internet becoming unstable and camera memory filling up. The main learning I came away with is that we need better coordination between the tournament MC and the live stream commentator. In the gym, the audience could tell that John Houck was speaking, but could not hear him and became frustrated that they were missing something. At some point we began doing the interviews on the MC mic so the audience could hear them.

With a total of 1231 unique views across the 3 days, I’d say the AFO stream was a success. Look for the routines and interviews to be posted on youtube soon. And, if you watched the live stream, let me know what you thoughts in the comments section.

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