Jam Canaria Hat Round Competitor List

Jam Canaria 2017Open Pairs is determined by Hat draw. The pools and teams are a surprise so won’t be available until after they play. These are the players who will be randomly paired up:

Alexander Enhuber
Amir Hoshen
Andre Zaharias
Andrea Festi
Andrea Piemontese
Andrea Sarti
Anna Merlo
Ayal Benin
Benjamin Edelmann
Bianca Strunz
Daniel O’Neill
Daniel Weinbuch
Dario Marioni
David Tomiak
Dennis Vollmer
Edoardo Gargano
Edoardo Turri
Edoardo Turri
Francesco Santolin
Freddy Finner
Giulia Aretano
Ilka Simon
Jakub Hosek
Jakub Kostel
Jakub Matula
Jakub Sedlak
James Wiseman
Jose Rodriguez
Juliana Korver
Marc Pestotnik
Mattia Colombari
Mattia Lambertini
Mehrdad Hosseinian
Morris Starling
Ofir Almog
Oliver Peters
Pablo Rada
Ryan Young
Sascha Höhne
Silvina Porsch
Stefan Dünkel
Thomas Nötzel
Tim Pattberg
Tobias Gebert
Toby Künzel
Tomer Adar
Waldemar Wagner
Woo Wunder
Yarden Borkow
Yuval Reikoren
Ziv Lavy

Watch Jam Canaria 2017 Live

Jam Canaria 2017

Are you feeling sad because Frisbeer is over? Console yourself by watching Jam Canaria live! Mystiq will be onsite at Jam Canaria bringing you the action. Mystiq, we owe you a big thanks!

Jam Canaria is taking place on the beach on the island of Gran Canaria. This is the first Freestyle event to take place in Spain. Being hosted the weekend after Frisbeer, Jam Canaria has attracted many of the same top players. With Jam Canaria being on the beach, it will demand a different skill set from the indoor venue of Frisbeer. The wind will be a factor. Click here to tune in and find out how the competitors adjust and to see some heinous beach freestyle.


May 11 @ 16:15 UTC + 0 – Open Pairs Semi
May 12 @ 17:00 UTC + 0 – Open Pairs Finals
times tentative