Episode 133: Krae Van Sickle on Innovation

Krae returns to talk about the past, present, and future of Freestyle. Freestyle routines are designed for the judging systems and he has some creative ideas for expanding the current format. The Tiny Room Challenge is a great example of recent innovation. Krae shares his thoughts on the freedom of Mob-Ops, planned routines, and using different modalities. Jake & Randy discuss the language of Freestyle and how it shifts over time.

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  1. Thanks to Krae for mentioning me in the context of creativity in disc play. Since the beginning when I started doing simple trick catches and throws (in the late ’50s) and earned the name Circus when I got to NYC in 1965, I have loved inventing ways to use the disc creatively. I “invented” Sky Scraping”, Traffic Jamming, Disco Duel, Balloon Basket Disc, Splitso, Tripto, Three Sequential, Hall Disc, Massocism Disc, and a few others. It also is the best tool I have ever used for sculpting in sand when I’m not solo styling with the wind at the beach.

  2. Really enjoyed this podcast. I am working with Peter Bloeme to bring organized disc sports to kids. We invented a game called KwikFlik to introduce kids to Freestyle as part of our upcoming Flying Disc Festival. It is a combination of DDC and Speedflow where each team has 90 seconds to complete as many throws as possible. Trick catches get extra points. Would love your thoughts on it 🙂


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