Episode 50: Matteo Gaddoni –The One and Only Freestyle and Disc Dog World Champion

Photo by Arthur Coddington

    • Matteo talks about the evolution of his mindset as he grew his Freestyle skills, going from just having fun to focusing on competing.
    • Matteo shares his memories of the 2009 World Title he won with Tommy Leitner in Berlin and lessons learned (video below).
    • Then, remarkably, he defended his title, by winning Open Pairs again in 2010 with Arthur Coddington in Seattle (video below).
    • Although Matteo still tries to Freestyle, he now prefers playing with dogs vs. humans. His passion for Disc Dog has resulted in more World Championships. Seriously, he must be the only person to accomplish this, so cool! (video below)
    • Hear Matteo talk about his wonderful canine partnerships, their well-rounded lives, and how his experience competing is one of the main things that has transferred from Freestyle to Disc Dog.
    • Hear how doing the Podcast for almost a year has impacted both Jake & Randy.
    • Be sure to look at the responses from the Frisbee Guru poll questions and thanks again for your engagement!
    • Your ability to become a Patron is just around the corner.  





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  1. Exzellent! =jwt

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