FPAW 2002 Iconic Routines – Never Before Seen Online

Thought to be lost to the ages, I discovered these while going through old Hi tapes. Matt and I used to carry a Hi8 camcorder to events so who knows what else might turn up. Today’s installment:

  1. FPAW 2002 Co-Op Winners: Ted Oberhaus, Erwin Velasquez, and Randy Silvey perform the infamous rubber band routine.
  2. FPAW 2002 Mixed Pairs Winners: Cindy Saint Marry and Paul Kenny. This is Cindy’s first Mixed Pairs win and Paul’s first FPAW win.


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  1. Thanks for posting these! We had a videographer who released all the routines on DVD but has never been willing to put them online.

  2. Erwin, Randy, and Ted showed some great co-op flow. A lot of syncopation, and a balance of mostly easy to follow double disc moves.
    Cyndi and Paul revealed what was some revolutionary double disc ideas. And Paul’s turnovers are so creative!

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