Poll: Are You A Member of the Freestyle Player’s Association?

In our recent interview with Paul Kenny we learned about all the benefits that come with being a member of the Freestyle Player’s Association (FPA); access to compete in FPA events, deep discounts on discs, a member number, and more. We also learned about how the FPA uses the money, and many of the great things the FPA has done in 2017. Indeed, the FPA is at the center of the sport of Freestyle Frisbee.

Of course being an FPA member is only one of many ways to engage in the world of freestyle Frisbee. From the casual game of catch to jamming for hours on end; all who play are part of the tribe. And let’s not forget our fans, friends, and family who join in and give their support in so many ways. Yes, all who watch, listen, learn, and play freestyle Frisbee here are members of the Jamily.
In this poll let’s find out how many of our great readers are also memebers of the FPA. This weeks poll:

Are You A Member of the Freestyle Player’s Association?
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  1. How do I join, please?

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