The AFO Live Stream Vision

In my initial request for help streaming AFO 2014, I set a goal of making it the best live stream ever. So, what does that mean? Well, I am starting with very lofty goals. I think they are doable, but they will take alot of of work. So, don’t be disappointed if only some of this comes to fruition. If we don’t make it for AFO, there’s always the next big event. Here they are in a nutshell:

Improved Software: Since FPA 2013 I have been using open source (free) software. While it works, it is not as fully featured as a paid software package. I’m planning to purchase Wirecast. This will allow me to keep audio & video in sync and to support multiple quality streams. It also opens the door for better graphics embedded in the stream.

Better Graphics: Ryan Young is working on an electronic judging system. As part of that effort he will output a screen that includes scores, players names, and other information. I will be able to pull that into the stream.

3rd Camera: Most events I have streamed use a single camera because it is the easiest to produce. However, for major events I like to setup 2. It gives better viewing angles and a more professional feel. So why a 3rd camera? 2 reasons. 1st, I want the 3rd camera to be fully wireless. This way it can move in the jams and find the best viewing perspectives. 2nd, I’d like to add post routine interviews to the stream. A mobile camera, with microphone will make this easier.

Commentators: Most professional sports broadcasts have commentators. My hope is that commentary will help keep new viewers tuned in and maybe turn them into fans. All I need a 1 or 2 extra mics, a better mixer, and 2 knowledgable people willing to add commentary. Anyone want to volunteer?

Audience Audio: I’ve had numerous requests to mic the audience. Viewers like to hear the cheers as a team shred. I’ve been trying to figure this out since FPAW 2013. I almost had it working at FPAW 2014, but the software I had was too limited and I had to turn it off. With the new software, I will try again at AFO.

Better Promotion: I know we have a good product. And I believe the more people who see Freestyle Frisbee, the more people who will become fans or even become players. So, getting the word out about the live stream could be the most important aspect of all this. Exactly how to do this, I am still figuring gout. Any ideas? Perhaps this is a good topic for future posts.

So, what do you think of the list? Will these items improve the stream? Think we¬†can really pull it off? Which items are the most important? Let me know in the comments, or by sending an email. And if you want to help, don’t forget to donate at my Fundly campaign.

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