The Frisbee Italian Championship Open and the US Open Overalls Will be Live Streamed

This coming weekend (June 15, 16, & 17 2018) we have a very special treat. 2 events will be Live Streamed; The Frisbee Italian Championship Open and the US Open Overalls.

US Open Overall Frisbee EventStarting on June 15, Lori Daniels will be bring us the Freestyle action from the US Open in Tallahassee Florida. As an appetizer, Jens will be running a Speed Flow event. Then we move to the Freestyle event, being run by Larry Imperiale. This year they are trying something new. Rather than teaming up, players will compete individually. The exact details have not yet been communicated beyond the competitors so it will be a surprise that we can look forward too. Of course, this is all contingent on the technology being a success. This is Lori’s first solo live stream production so a special thanks to her for taking on the challenge.

June 16 will bring us the finals of the US Open and the beginning of the Frisbee Italian Championship Open. FICO is being brought to us by Chris Belaj and is taking place on the beautiful beaches of the port of Lecce, San Cataldo, Italy. Hosted by Serge Marconi and the Roma crew, this event will include the Open Co-Op and Open Pairs divisions. This event is sure to draw some of the top European talent so don’t miss it! 

June 17 will bring us the finals from FICO, and hopefully a great jam day as well. Check out the event sites here US Open | FICO. Check the stream pages for the tentative schedules US Open | FICO.

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