Word of the Day: Jamily

FPAW 2017 Group PhotoJamily (noun): A term to describe the phenomenon that occurs when someone begins to play freestyle Frisbee. They are immediately welcomed into the great network of people who share a love for the flying disc. This network is known as the Jamily. People in the Jamily are open, playful, and supportive. If a jammer travels to a new town, jammers in that town will welcome the new arrival into the jam, to join their dinner table, and into their homes. Even if two jammers do not speak the same language, they can communicate for hours together through the artistic expression of the disc. Yes, freestyle Frisbee is a network of like-minded souls that creates friendships that last for a lifetime.

Jamily is a combination of the word jam and family.

Example: “I’m going to Frisbeer to see my Jamily.”

In Den Hallen 2018: Finals Results

In Den Hallen 2018 WinnersCongratulations to the Beljam team of Steffen Verstichel and Pepyn Tavernier for winning Open Pairs. Special thanks to Florian Hess for providing the results and photos.

In den Hallen 2018
Karlsruhe, Germany

Open Pairs Final

1. Steffen Verstichel/Pepyn Tavernier (TOT 51.1 | EX 17 | AI 12.3 | DIF 21.8)
2. Florian Hess/Sascha Scherzinger (TOT 50.4 | EX 14.6 | AI 14.3 | DIF 21.5)
3. Mattia Colombari/Fabian Dinklage (TOT 49.5 | EX 16.2 | AI 14.3 | DIF 19)
4. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Edoardo Turri (TOT 47.6 | EX 14.4 | AI 13 | DIF 20.2)
5. Freddy Finner/Andrea Festi (TOT 47.3 | EX 13.8 | AI 13.4 | DIF 20.1)
6. Ilka Simon/Raphael Legrand (TOT 47.2 | EX 15.4 | AI 12.8 | DIF 19)
7. Christian Lamred/Simon Wassermann (TOT 45.2 | EX 15.6 | AI 12.5 | DIF 17.1)
8. Toby Künzel/Francesco Santolin (scratched due to injury)

Kan Jam Winner: Simon Wassermann / Florian Hess

Spirit of the Game : Francesco Santolin

Episode 54: Dan Roddick is Back – The Doctor Operates and the Stork Delivers

Stork shows of his new thimbleHappy One Year Anniversary to the Frisbee Guru Podcast, Shootin’ the Frizbreeze!  Hard to believe there have been over 52 episodes and there are still so many stories to be shared.  Jake and Randy reminisce about some of their favorite episodes.  It gets a little mushy.

  • Stork shares the origins of OCTAD and all the crazy events that it included. He wanted it to be like a decathlon and spread out the challenges for all interests and abilities. Something to offend everyone, he says.
  • It is amazing to get a behind the scenes look at the design process for the eight events. Stork elaborates on one of the events; the Eastern Trick Catch.
  • Pre-internet, they relied on Flying Disc World Magazine to get the word out and initially had about 30 participants.
  • Stork talks about the mid-west freestylers and some of the cool things they were doing. 

A Special thanks to those that have donated or become Patron’s! We love you!!

In Den Hallen 2018: Semifinal Results


Disc on Disc Guide

Photo by Florian Hess

We have a surprise for you. Thanks for Florian Hess, we have the preliminary results from In Den Hallen, which is going on this weekend in Karlsruhe Germany. This is an indoor event taking place at the Karlsruhe Sports Center and includes the Open Pairs division.

Congratulations to the Pool winners, Ilka Simon and Raphael Legrand from Pool and Florian Hess and Sacha Scherzinger from Pool B. Stay tuned for the final results tomorrow.


In den Hallen 2018
Karlsruhe, Germany

Open Pairs Semifinals Pool A

1. Ilka Simon/Raphael Legrand (TOT 51.1 | EX 18.6 | AI 14.8 | DIF 17.7)
2. Christian Lamred/Simon Wassermann (TOT 50.6 | EX 17.7 | AI 14.3 | DIF 18.6)
3. Steffen Verstichelen/Pepyn Tavernier (TOT 50 | EX 16.4 | AI 12.2 | DIF 21.4)
4. Freddy Finner/Andrea Festi (TOT 49.6 | EX 15 | AI 14 | DIF 20.6)
5. Thomas Nötzel/Robert Dittrich (TOT 49.2 | EX 15.4 | AI 14.1 | DIF 19.7)
6. Andreas Nogay/Kevin Surdyka (TOT 36.2 | EX 14.8 | AI 8.1 | DIF 13.3)
7. Martin Höser/Simon Lühring (TOT 35.9 | EX 15.4 | AI 8.7 | DIF 11.8)
8. Luca Nogay/Toufik Lamred (TOT 28.9 | EX 13.1 | AI 4.9 | DIF 10.9)

Open Pairs Semifinals Pool B

1. Florian Hess/Sascha Scherzinger (TOT 56.4 | EX 17.4 | AI 16.8 | DIF 22.2)
2. Mehrdad Hosseinian/Edoardo Turri (TOT 53.2 | EX 15 | AI 15.3 | DIF 22.9)
3. Toby Künzel/Francesco Santolin (TOT 50.8 | EX 17.4 | AI 15.3 | DIF 18.1)
4. Mattia Colombari/Fabian Dinklage (TOT 50.3 | EX 16 | AI 13.3 | DIF 21)
5. Silvina Porsch/Yarden Borkow (TOT 45.6 | EX 17.6 | AI 12.5 | DIF 15.5)
6. Judith Hess/Alexander Enhuber (TOT 34.1 | EX 13.4 | AI 9.1 | DIF 11.6)
7. Andy Absolom/Dan Bailey (TOT 32.2 | EX 11.8 | AI 9.3 | DIF 11.1)
8. Sven Deschle/Maurice Eugene (TOT 30.9 | EX 12.8 | AI 7 | DIF 11.1)

Poll: Which Item Could You Not Jam Without?

Tony Does a Chest Roll

Photo by James Wiseman

On a recent trip to Seattle, Lori and I arrived to the jam full of energy. We walked up, setup our chairs, and began to prepare. As I pulled my jam gear out of my bag a sinking feeling came over me. I had forgotten my shoes. I was wearing flip-flops. At that moment my options were: jam barefoot or drive for about 1.5 hours round trip to get my shoes.

I don’t usually jam barefoot and I love kick brushing and kick tipping, which are more comfortable with shoes. This would really change my experience. However, imagining my friends jamming their brains out while I was driving would be torture, because by the time I got back, people would be tired and I would have missed the best part of the jam. Oh, the dilemma. 

This experience is the inspiration for this poll. Let’s say you arrive to the jam and realize you forgot one thing. Is there anything, besides a disc, that would cause you to turn around and go back home rather than jam without it? If so, what is it?

Oh, and for the curious, I decided to jam barefoot. I took it as a challenge and ended up having a wonderful jam.  And, the next day I certainly did not forget my shoes.

Which Item Could You Not Jam Without?

Which Item Could You Not Jam Without?

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How To Catch a Flamingo

In this video, I demonstrate the flamingo catch. The flamingo an under the leg variation. To perform the catch, plant on one leg, lift the other leg into the air at 90 degrees or more. Reach around behind your knee or ankle and make the catch.

This is a great catch for times when the disc is coming in low. It has a large window and is very visual. 


Episode 53: John Kirkland and The List

John Kirkland Heel Tip

Photo by Mike Fluitt

In this episode we talk to John Kirkland. John is a Hall of Fame Inductee, a Pioneer, and an Innovator of Freestyle Frisbee.

  • Randy pays homage to John for a specific moment at an NAS tournament in 1977 that inspired him to pursue freestyle.
  • Against the spin puddle?
  • John recalls his introduction to Frisbee in 1957; there was a brilliant blue summer sky and he and his fellow campers were throwing around a Pluto Platter. He purchased one of his own when he got home, and that was the beginning of a love affair that has gone on for 61 years.
  • There was a long stretch, between 1957 and 1973, where his game was about catching and throwing and not much else. It wasn’t until the IFT in 1973, that the exposure to new players completely transformed how he saw the sport.
  • John credits Roger Barrett, from the Berkeley Frisbee Group, with giving him a list of other players to meet.
  • Find out how important that list was to John and who inspired him.
  • In John’s mind, the genesis of the modern-day sport was OCTAD in 1974.
  • Hear what Whamo’s role was in the development and how that original list of players grew.
  • Thanks to John and the many others who took the Freestyle from the toy shelf to the sports world. 

Poll: Do You Have a Family Member who Plays Frisbee?

3 sets of Frisbee BrothersWe often describe our Frisbee family as the Jamily, and we are like one big, happy family. But for some of us, we are lucky enough to have true family members who also share our passion for Frisbee. This is truly something special. When we talked to Jens and Erwin Velasquez, it was clear how much playing Frisbee together bonded them as brothers and as friends. I am fortunate enough to have Frisbee playing family members as well. My brother Matt and I started freestyling at the same time. We were partners in competition, we pushed each other’s games, and to this day, there’s just a sort of magic that happens when we are together in a jam. I’m also married to a Frisbee player, Lori Daniels. It’s great to share our passion for Frisbee. We play together, support each other, and there’s never a conflict about what we’ll be doing for our vacations. Plus, there’s nothing like waking up on a weekend and saying, “What do you want to do today?” and hearing back “Let’s jam.” 

In contemplating this question, I began to wonder, does Frisbee run in the blood? Or perhaps having a family member who plays Frisbee is not that common. In this weeks poll, we’ll find out. Extra credit if you share a story about your Frisbee playing family member in the comments below.

Do You Have a Family Member who Plays Frisbee?

Do You Have a Family Member who Plays Frisbee?

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Word of The Day – Zzzs

Zzzs (noun)Zzzs

Zzzs is the spin of the disc. The faster the disc is spinning, the more Zzzs it has. A disc that is hardly spinning at all may be referred to as having “one Z” or “half-a-Z”. It comes from the sound that the original Sky-Stylers Super-Pro (thanks, Rick) made when they were delayed upside down.

The spin of the disc is highly important in Freestyle Frisbee for several reasons. First, the faster the disc is spinning, the easier it is to nail delay. Also, the more Zzzs a disc is thrown with, the more tricks that can be done until it runs out of Zzzs. Finally, the direction of the spin is important as each trick must be mastered twice, once for each spin direction; clock and counter.

Example: “Throw me some Zzzs.”

Example: “He throws more Zzzs than anyone I know.”


Episode 52: Joey Hudoklin – Tipping Combo King

Joey Catches a Barrel

  • You’ve been hearing about it for a couple weeks now, and today, we are excited to be launching a Patreon Campaign!! Jake explains the program and we would love your support! 
  • Joey returns with more incredible stories. First up he talks about his routine with Ritchie Smits where they had no throw, one catch, in a no drop routine. (video below)
  • When Jake asks how they thought of doing such a thing, he says it started with a simple thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”
  • Joey explains how he became part of Team Bud Light back in the mid 1980’s.
  • Among many of their amazing experiences, they opened for Rock Bands such as Stevie Ray Vaughan. Not a bad perk.
  • They also traveled to China and played with the musical group Jan and Dean. Although the crowds seemed to love the frisbee routine, the music wasn’t resonating. In an effort to engage the crowds, this cultural exchange went awry and became part of an international news story.
  • Joey finally reveals the secrets behind his famous tipping combo. (video below)
  • Can you remember the times that you were REALLY ON?
  • Enjoy Jakes Patreon video here.