Super Hein Player’s Handbook and Schedule are live

Super Hein’s competition format differs from the Freestyle Player’s Association standard format. Super Hein includes three divisions, each testing a different facet of Freestyle Frisbee play. The player who accumulates the most point across all divisions is crowned “Super Hein”. The three divisions are; Open Pairs, Turbo Shred, and Mob-op. If you are a competitor, please read the Player’s Handbook for details on each event and tips on strategy. Also, check the schedule for the event.

Registration will be done in person either at the Friday night gathering or Saturday morning starting at 9:00a on the beach.

Seaside Super Hein – Public Service Announcement

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane…. It’s a flying saucer… no, it’s Super Hein!”
On Saturday,_July 31st  and Sunday, Aug 1st, Seaside, Oregon will be host to the Seaside Super Hein freestyle Frisbee® tournament. Freestyle Frisbee® is creative movement with a Frisbee®.  Think skateboarding but with a Frisbee – on the beach! 
Freestyle Frisbee combines acrobatics and a flying disc to ignite the imagination and awe the spectator.  The “Super Hein” is a coveted title in the Freestyle Frisbee world.
Come see the world’s best freestyle disc players from Germany, Italy, the USA and many others competing with their biggest, baddest, most intricate and most heinous tricks!  All while controlling a spinning Frisbee®. 
The Seaside Super Hein Frisbee® tournament will also include Ultimate and disc golf demonstrations.  Show up and get pointers from the pros!
This is geared up to be one of the most spectacular flying disc tournaments of the year. ..Watch the pros vie for the title “SUPER HEIN” at Seaside – on the beach towards the ocean directly from the turnaround!

For more information: web-site or check the calendar at

Seaside Super Hein 2010

Announcing the Seaside Super Hein 2010 Freestyle Frisbee tournament. Yes, it’s official. The event will take place on July 31 – Aug 1 in the city of Seaside, Oregon, USA. This is the weekend before 2010 FPA worlds so take the week off and make it to both. Sure, a world title is nice to have but how many people have an official certificate that declares, “You are Hein”? This is one event not to miss!

Tournament web site is under construction. For now, here’s a Google Earth Place Mark to get you started. Please contact Lori, Matt, or I for more info.