Munich Mash 2017 Results and Video Replay

Munich Mash
The Munich Mash 2017 Hat Tournament is complete. Below is the video replay and the results. Congrats to Markus Götz and Sascha Höhne for their win! Thanks to Tobi Künzel for hosting the event and Chris Bellaj for streaming it.




Munich Mash Results1.: Markus Götz + Sascha Höhne (7.5)
2.: Jakub Hosek + El Nino (7.3)
3.: Mysiq + Dennis Vollmer (6.92)
4.: Tommy Leitner + André Zaharias (6.91)
5.: Niki Thoma + El Nino (again) (6.6)
6.: Lukas Lacifer + Chris Bellaj (5.6)
7.: Anna Merlo + Silvina Porsch (4.9)
8.: Janis Brunner + Toby Künzel (3.9)

Munich Mash Will Be Live Streamed

Munich MashChris Bellaj is at it again: he will be Live Streaming the Munich Mash Hat tournament on June 24th, 2017. Start time is 6:30p (UTC +2).

The event takes place in Munich, Germany at Olympiapark. It is slated to include players from Prague, Rome, Berlin, Munich and more. Munich Mash is a sports festival that includes extreme sports like BMX Spine Ramp, Wakeboard Rail & Air, and Street League Skateboarding. Thanks Tobi Künzel, the tournament director, for bringing Freestyle Frisbee to this extreme sports event! It promises to be a fun time for all and a great opportunity to spread the jam.

According to Tobi, “We might also live stream some other stuff during the 3 days of Festival, like beginners workshops, other competition games, or just an impression of the festival at this beautiful olympic location. Much of it will remain spontaneous though, because it is our first time there.”

More about the Munich Mash Festival.

Munich Mash Hat event Facebook page.

Watch it live here.