Virginia States 2017 Will Be Live

Virginia States

41st Annual Virginia States

It’s official. Heinsville will be Live Streaming Freestyle from the 41st annual Virginia States overall Frisbee event on April 22 – 23. Virginia States is one of the longest running Frisbee events. It holds true to the roots of overall style disc events. If a modern freestyler wanted to experience the Rose Bowl or the early NAS events, Virginia States is probably the closest one could find today. Freestyle is a favorite event of the attendees. Freestylers feel the love and appreciation as the crowd pulls out the couches and lines the field to watch. Freestyle teams may be 2 or 3, just like it used to be. Judging is done by rank, which is one of the earliest judging systems. And, last but not least, Virginia States has one of the highest cash payouts for Freestyle winners, mainly because they want to attract the best talent the sport has to offer.

And that’s exactly what they do. Virginia States has had a long tradition of attracting both top young talent and legends in the sport. This year will certainly not be any different. The team to watch will be Randy Silvey, Ryan Young, James Wiseman. Randy is a wily veteran who brings a dramatic flare that engages the crowd. Ryan is taking his game in new directions that will bring a layer of originality. James, of course, can do any move he wants, whenever he wants. So, expect big things from this team.

Yes, though Virginia States an overall event, it is absolutely one of the hottest Freestyle events in the USA. But more than that, it is at the quintessential crossing between frisbee, family, friendship and history. So, if you can’t make it, tune in and be a part of it.



Episode 5 – Featuring the Frisbeer Cup 2017 Winners

Frisbeer Cup 2017In this episode we talk with all the winners from Frisbeer Cup 2017. See all the results here.








Jam Canaria Hat Round Competitor List

Jam Canaria 2017Open Pairs is determined by Hat draw. The pools and teams are a surprise so won’t be available until after they play. These are the players who will be randomly paired up:

Alexander Enhuber
Amir Hoshen
Andre Zaharias
Andrea Festi
Andrea Piemontese
Andrea Sarti
Anna Merlo
Ayal Benin
Benjamin Edelmann
Bianca Strunz
Daniel O’Neill
Daniel Weinbuch
Dario Marioni
David Tomiak
Dennis Vollmer
Edoardo Gargano
Edoardo Turri
Edoardo Turri
Francesco Santolin
Freddy Finner
Giulia Aretano
Ilka Simon
Jakub Hosek
Jakub Kostel
Jakub Matula
Jakub Sedlak
James Wiseman
Jose Rodriguez
Juliana Korver
Marc Pestotnik
Mattia Colombari
Mattia Lambertini
Mehrdad Hosseinian
Morris Starling
Ofir Almog
Oliver Peters
Pablo Rada
Ryan Young
Sascha Höhne
Silvina Porsch
Stefan Dünkel
Thomas Nötzel
Tim Pattberg
Tobias Gebert
Toby Künzel
Tomer Adar
Waldemar Wagner
Woo Wunder
Yarden Borkow
Yuval Reikoren
Ziv Lavy

Watch Jam Canaria 2017 Live

Jam Canaria 2017

Are you feeling sad because Frisbeer is over? Console yourself by watching Jam Canaria live! Mystiq will be onsite at Jam Canaria bringing you the action. Mystiq, we owe you a big thanks!

Jam Canaria is taking place on the beach on the island of Gran Canaria. This is the first Freestyle event to take place in Spain. Being hosted the weekend after Frisbeer, Jam Canaria has attracted many of the same top players. With Jam Canaria being on the beach, it will demand a different skill set from the indoor venue of Frisbeer. The wind will be a factor. Click here to tune in and find out how the competitors adjust and to see some heinous beach freestyle.


May 11 @ 16:15 UTC + 0 – Open Pairs Semi
May 12 @ 17:00 UTC + 0 – Open Pairs Finals
times tentative

Frisbeer Finals (Day 3) – Results

Frisbeer Cup 2017

Listen the interviews with the winners and watch their performances.

Challenger Pairs

  1. Rick LeBau – Juliana Korver – 904,48, 3299,02, 4145,97 Total: 8349,468
  2. Sebastian Gorczynski Mateusz Gajewski – 498,71, 1634,56, 2683,58 Total: 4816,842
  3. Daniel Weinbuch – Julian Stork – 755,76, 1711,14, 2244,74 Total: 4711,637
  4. Andy Absolom – Konrad Patris – 736,91, 765,17, 1083,42 Total: 2585,496
  5. Paula Willin – Kuba Radwanski – 672,74, 788,31, 1077,10 Total: 2538,157


  1. Florian Hess – Alex Leist – Christian Lamred – 13338,95, 12348,09, 13686,29 Total: 39373,32
  2. Mehrdad Hosseinian – Paul Kenny – Marco Prati – 10442,10, 10042,66, 10107,32 Total: 30592,08
  3. Antonio Piccione Cusm· – Pavel Baranyk – Valerio Occorsio – 9574,98, 8681,97, 9113,70 Total: 27370,64
  4. Jakub Kostel – Tom Leitner – Sascha Hˆhne – 7306,73, 5900,40, 5382,59 Total: 18589,71
  5. Philipp Kruger – Freddy Finner – Ryan Young – 5328,27, 4963,98, 4909,56 Total: 15201,81
  6. Lukas Lacina – Jiri Weiss – Jens Friebe – 4896,40, 4619,26, 4754,10 Total: 14269,77
  7. Daniel O’Neill – Bianca Strunz – Robert Dittrich – 4828,08, 3551,77, 3324,96 Total: 11704,8
  8. Sebastian Gorczynski – Silvina Porsch – Petri Isola – 2694,02, 2143,89, 4395,28 Total: 9233,189

Women’s Pairs

  1. Ilka Simon – Anna Merlo – 2100,37, 3161,07, 3892,62 Total: 9154,05
  2. Bianca Strunz – Juliana Korver – 2411,26, 3040,24, 3612,55 Total: 9064,058
  3. Anna Duran-Korzycka – Sophie Rickers – 1739,58, 2322,96, 3348,94 Total: 7411,478

Open Pairs

  1. Mehrdad Hosseinian – Paul Kenny – 57.0
  2. Pavel Baranyk – Valerio Occorsio – 52.3
  3. Daniel O’neill – Tom Leitner – 52.3
  4. Jakub Kostel – Freddy Finner – 53.0
  5. Antonio piccione Cusmá – Marco Prati – 49.9
  6. Jens Friebe – Sascha Höhne – 46.7
  7. Dylan Rocha pires – Christian Lamred – 45.9
  8. Philipp Krüger – Robert Dittrich – 41.6
    Score Sheet

Mixed Pairs

  1. Ilka Simon – Paul Kenny – 55.9
  2. Jakub Kostel – Bianca Strunz – 52.6
  3. Paula Willin – Christian Lamred – 49.9
  4. Juliana Korver – Freddy Finner – 45.4
  5. Anna Merlo – Sascha Höhne – 45.3
  6. Silvina Porsch – Toby Künzel – 39.3
    Score Sheet

Frisbeer 2017 day 1 results

Frisbeer Cup 2017


Mixed Pairs Semi Pool A

  1. Ilka Simon / Paul Kenny  : 51.4
  2. Juliana Korver / Freddie Finner : 48.9
  3. Paula Willin / Christian Lamred : 48.5
  4. Benedicte Audet / Ryan Young : 39.1
  5. Sophie Rickers / Konrad Patris : 35.7
  6. Dominik Raclavsky / Oli Fisnerova : 30.6
    Score Sheet

Mixed Pairs Semi Pool B

  1. Jakub Kostel / Bianca Strunz : 52.2
  2. Anna Merlo / Sascha Höhne : 43.8
  3. Silvina Porsch / Toby Künzel : 43.5
  4. Filip Korzycki / Anna Duran-korzycka : 34.6
  5. Lukas Zimovcak / No Name :  33.1
    Score Sheet

Open Pairs Semi Pool A

  1. Jakub Kostel / Freddy Finner : 57.9
  2. Pavel Baranyk / Valerio Occorsio : 55.5
  3. Antonio piccione Cusmá / Marco Prati : 53.8
  4. Dylan Rocha pires / Christian Lamred : 53.2
  5. Benjamin Edelmann / Florian Hess : 50.3
  6. Edoardo Turri / Filippo Bortot : 47.7
  7. Lukas Lacina / Lukas Zimovcak : 41.7
  8. Jason Salkey / Toby Künzel : 40.3
  9. Bianca Strunz / Anna Merlo : 37.2
  10. Cedrik Stevens / Chris Bellaj : 30.8
    Score Sheet

Open Pairs Semi Pool B

  1. Mehrdad Hosseinian / Paul Kenny : 60.3
  2. Daniel O’neill / Tom Leitner : 58.3
  3. Philipp Krüger / Robert Dittrich : 54.3
  4. Jens Friebe / Sascha Höhne : 53.4
  5. Ryan Young / Alex Leist : 52.4
  6. Andrea Festi / Mattia Colombari : 49.4
  7. Thomas Nötzel / Fabian Dinklage : 48.0
  8. Jakub Hosek / Oren Meron : 45.3
  9. Steffen Verstichelen / Naim Megassabi : 42.0
  10. Petri Isola / Jakub Matula : 41.1
    Score Sheet



Watch Frisbeer Cup 2017 Live

Frisbeer Cup 2017

The Frisbeer Cup Team, Ryan Young, and Heinsville are teaming up to bring you Frisbeer Cup 2017 Live. Frisbeer Cup has been running for over a decade and attracts the best talent in Freestyle Frisbee. Fans are sure to be delighted by the level of hein this event will bring. There are also some notable features of this particular live stream.

MystiqFirst, I am not able to attend the event. Mystiq has has stepped up to produce the stream. At past events he has volunteered to learn from and fill in for me. Now he has built a formidable kit that will produce the pro level quality you are accustomed to watching. This is great news for Freestyle Frisbee; more producers means more quality live streamed events.

Ryan's TabletSecond, Ryan Young is bringing his tablet based electronic judging system. This promises to speed time between teams and rounds, and is integrated with the live stream. Team names will be automatically added into the stream, taking the burden off Mystiq. The most exciting part is that scores will be shown on the stream as they happen. Preliminary results will be available almost immediately.

Jake writes codeThird, all this has freed me up to do something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. That is for Heinsville to take over the live stream distribution. That means no more uStream or Youtube. The advantage here is that anyone who wants to stream their event can use the service, streams can be syndicated (sent to other channels like the olympic sports web site), and can be further produced offsite. For example commentators do not have to be physically at the event to speak into the stream.

But my favorite part is that this enables Frisbeer to be commercial free. That’s right, no more commercials cutting in during a routine.

Note that stream distribution does cost Heinsville money. Fortunately I have driven out as much of the cost as possible by writing my own software. If Frisbeer is successful I will be working out exactly how to make it financially viable. If you would be willing to donate and/or pay to watch commercial free, professional quality Freestyle Frisbee live streams, please let me know. Also, if you’re planning to stream an event, contact me for details on using the service.

Click here to watch the stream.