Poll: Would You Like to Participate in a City vs City Event?

City vs City 1The first test of City vs City is now complete. All in all it was a huge success. If you want to learn more, you can read about it here and watch the replay here. We are in the process of gathering feedback from participants and planning our next event. As we prepare, we’d also like to explore your interest level in City vs City. Do you want to watch more events? Maybe judge? Maybe compete? This weeks poll asks:

Would You Like to Participate in a City vs City Event?

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If you have any other feedback about City vs City, please leave it in the comments, or send us a private message. Thanks!!

City vs City: Seattle vs Bologna: Results

City vs CityThe inaugural City vs City Freestyle Frisbee competition is complete. Team Seattle played head-to-head against Team Bologna in the first ever online competition. It was a very close event, that came down to the last battle to determine the winner. The winner is at the bottom of the page in case you want to watch the replay before you know the result.  | To learn about this format and the players, click here.














Team Bologna wins

The Teams – FPA ranking of players
Team Bologna
Gianluca Bertoncelli – 135
Andrea Poli – 74
Mattia Lambertini – 68
Andrea Piemontese – 60
Manuel Cesari – 18
Team Seattle
Bob Boulware – 261
John Titcomb – 155
Mike Galloupe – 52
Randy Silvey – 9
Ryan Young – 5

Final Score
Seattle: 3
Bologna: 4

Team Bologna:

Andrea Piemontese

Andrea Piemontese

Andrea Poli

Andrea Poli

Gianluca Bertoncelli

Gianluca Bertoncelli

Manuel Cesari

Manuel Cesari

Mattia Lambertini

Mattia Lambertini

Lazzaroni 2017 Will Be Live Streamed

Lazzaroni 2017 LogoLazzaroni 2017 will be streamed live here on FrisbeeGuru. The event is hosted by the Twister Hills club. It takes place on December 16 & 17, indoors in Bolonga, Italy. At least 36 competitors are expected to compete in both Open and Mixed pairs divisions. Also, there might be a surprise, experimental event. The only way to know for sure will be to tune in and find out. In any case, expect the freestyle moves to be heinous!

Special thank to Thanks to Chris Belaj, Manuel Cesari, and the Twister Hills for making this stream possible.

Find out more information on the event’s Facebook Page.

Watch here.

Jam Britannia III Will Be Live Streamed

Jam Britannia IIIThere is a last minute addition to the Live Streaming schedule: Jam Britannia III. Jam Britannia III takes place on Nov. 11-12, 2017 in London, England. Thanks to Chris Belaj, you can watch the event live, here on FrisbeeGuru.

As the name suggests, this event is in its third year. It takes place indoors in a beautiful gym on a forgiving rubber floor and will feature CoOp, Mixed Pairs, and the Westerfield Challenge. This fun event attracts players from around the globe. If you can’t make it, watching it live is the next best thing.

Watch here

For more details about the event, check its Facebook Page. Also, don’t miss the the promo video below.



Episode 32: FPAW 2017 Interviews With The Winners

Hear directly from the 2017 FPA World Champions. When you’re done listening, watch the videos here. In order of appearance:

FPAW 2017 CoOp Winners on the PodiumCo-op
Christian Lamred
Florian Hess
Alex Leist


FPAW 2017 Woman's Pairs Winners on the PodiumWomens Pairs
Bianca Strunz
Lisa Hunrichs


FPAW 2017 Mixed Pairs Winners on the PodiumMixed
James Wiseman
Lori Daniels


FPAW 2017 Open Pairs Winners on the PodiumOpen Pairs
James Wiseman
Ryan Young

FPAW 2017 Day 3 Results (part 2)

Some notes about Pool B

  • Though only 2 judges scores are shown per category, the totals include all 3 judges.
  • Sacha Hohne and Dan Lustiger scratched due to Dan’s injury. We wish him a speedy recovery.
  • Due to unclear music file name labelling, the music person played their 3 minute music. When the music stopped at the 3 minute mark and Tom Leitner and Daniel O’Neill stopped playing for 10+ seconds, thinking they were done. This caused the judges to give them execution deductions and 0 marks in Diff. When they realized what happened they played out the rest of the time. They ended up in 5th place, not making the cut to the finals. It was decided in the “Spirit of the Game” to allow them into the finals as a 9th team.