Matt Teaches the Rim Delay

In this video, Matt Gauthier teaches how to do a rim delay.

A rim delay is a form of nail delay, or spinning the frisbee on your finger. When most people think of the delay, they think of the frisbee balanced in the center on their finger nail. A rim delay is different. Instead, the inside rim of the frisbee is balanced against the nail. Though a rim delay does take practice to master, it can be faster to learn that the center nail delay. Yet when it is mastered, it provides an enormous depth of tricks and control over the flight of the frisbee. It is truly one of the fundamental skills of freestyle frisbee beyond throw and catch. Check the video for an indepth tutorial on mastering this skill.

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  1. Hey friends, a comment about terminology.

    I’ve noticed a couple of times that you’ve referred in descriptions of various aspects of nail delaying that the “act” is essential where one spins the disc on ones fingernail. It seems a bit misleading, as the delay itself obviously doesn’t “spin” anything… The disc spins…

    Or not ;>)

    Seems a little less precise than it could be, especially for the beginner trying to make sense of it all.

    Thanks for letting me comment!


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