Invert Backside 50 50 Body Roll

Matt Gauthier explains the Invert Backside 50 50 body roll.

“50 50” comes from the fact the its uses only 1 arm, or only 50% of what a normal body roll would use. It’s “invert” because the trick is started with your back facing the wind. And it’s “backside” because it goes behind your head, like a back roll.

This trick is one of the more advanced body rolls. I can hardly describe it so watch to video to see how it’s done.

Invert Front Side 50/50 Roll

Matt Gauthier explains the invert front side 50/50 roll. This an advanced, and very technical trick.

With clockwise, the disc rolls up the right arm to the shoulder. Then the body is repositioned so the disc can continue to roll back down the right arm.

And, of course it’s all on the left arm with counter spin.

To start, face the wind. Turn your right shoulder towards the wind. Toss the disc on a steep roll angle. Move your right arm to your left with your palm facing up. Allow the disc to contact your palm and then roll up your arm towards your shoulder. As the disc reaches your shoulder, pivot your arm to your right and allow the disc to roll back down your right arm to your right hand.