Ryan Young Demonstrates the Back Roll

Ryan Young explains how to back roll. The back roll is like a chest roll, except the disc rolls down the backside of your arm and then across your back. Many people finish by letting the disc roll to your elbow and turning fast to shoot it back up. This is the style Ryan calls “the buckle“.

Ryan explains how this is done in masterful detail so give it a watch. If you need more, here’s another video and explanation. If you have any questions, leave a comment.


The Basic Back Roll

Lisa Hunrichs demonstrates a Back Roll with Clockwise spin.

First, face the wind. Next, give yourself a throw (set) with a steep angle into the wind so the disc blows back towards you. Now, turn your body so your right shoulder is forward. Turn your right hand over and let the disc contact your palm. The disc will roll down you arm towards your back / right shoulder. As it contacts your shoulder, turn your body to match the speed of the disc. Also, lift your left elbow. The rotation of your body will propel the disc up your left back / shoulder and up your left arm. With only your elbow up high, the disc will pop up into the air from your elbow on a steep angle, leaving you in a perfect position for another trick.

Note: usually back rolls cause the disc to get steeper and to turn out of the wind to the right, or to the left for counter clockwise spin.