Deutsche Meisterschaft 2018 Will be Live Streamed

Deutsche Meisterschaft 2018The Deutsche Meisterschaft (German Championships) for 2018 will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, on July 6-8. The tournament director is non other than Chris Belaj. While he is hosting this amazing event, he and his team will bringing us the action on the live stream.

Deutsche Meisterschaft will include open pairs, mixed pairs, and open co-op divisions. This event is sure to have some exciting routines as it regularly draws top talent from all over Europe. With the European championships also in July and the World Championships the week after, Deutsche Meisterschaft will give teams an opportunity to tune up their routines.

Check out the event web site for more information and be sure to tune in and watch on July 7th and 8th.

Sunbreak 2018 Will Be Live Streamed

Potlatch Group PhotoOn June 30 – July 1, Ryan Young is once again hosting the annual freestyle competition as a part of a larger ultimate event named Sunbreak (formerly Potlatch), held by DiscNW. We will be bringing you the Freestyle action live!

The scene at Sunbreak is an amazing one. The event is held at 60 Acres Park and has 79 ultimate teams. Tucked away on half a field is the freestyle tent. There, among all the frisbee energy, we will shred our brains out. But the excitement doesn’t end there! Ryan Young always has an innovative competition format that is designed to test both our freestyle and our strategic skills. This years tournament includes 3 events: Open Pairs, Follow the Leader, and the Flower Round.

Open pairs has a twist: teams play 3 times, for 1 minute on each time. Only their highest score counts. This should inspire teams bring out their biggest moves right from the start, as there’s no time to ramp-up; and it only takes 2-3 hein combos to lay down a crushing score.

Follow the Leader is an interesting twist on the game of horse. A player will do a combo, then other players try to replicate it. The originating player will earns points based on how few players can replicate the combo. However, if no players can replicate the combo, the originating player receives no points. So the goal is to do a combo that is really hard, but not so hard that no one can do it. This will require careful thought and a deep knowledge of the other players’ abilities. 

Of course, the Flower Round is a staple of this event. Teams are drawn from a hat and then play for 3 minutes. The audience grabs flowers and prepares. As the team performs, if the audience likes what they see, they throw the flowers into the playing area. Everyone is a winner in this event, with hein jamming and positive emotions throughout.

The only warning I must give is that the internet can be unreliable at 60 Acres Park. If this is the case, we will record the event and replay it in the evening.

Tune in here to watch the event.

Read more about it here.

Episode 72: Konn Kummins Mystery Man Revealed

Konn Kummins Mystery Man Revealed

  • Jake explains a new spin practice inspired by Ryan Young.
  • Konn tells us how it all began and of course the V-bros were part of it and how the “Ally Pally Tossers” embraced him.
  • Holland Park became his home away from home where he developed his skills over 20 years.
  • Adrian Wainwright was Konn’s first partner and mentor and they brought an edge to the game that was not the norm.
  • Konn and Adrian hook up with Jason Salkey to create a formidable co-op team.
  • We also learn there was a lot of action going on in European jam scene at the time.

Jake and Randy will be pausing the podcast for a few months to focus on the upcoming livestreams at EFO & FPAW 2018 and other FrisbeeGuru projects. Don’t worry the podcast will be back with new freshly baked episodes in September. Happy Summer!!

Meet Marco Prati

Meet Marco Prati, also known as Cega. Marco is from Forli Italy and is a 2 time world champion. Currently ranked 9th in the world, Marco has some of the best spinning catches in the game. Learn more about Marco:

Episode 71: Dave Lewis & Arthur Coddington – Magic appears

Dave Lewis Tipping

  • Jake and Randy discuss the jam packed freestyle schedule this summer and the livestream.
  • Dave and Arthur talk about playing with different co-op partners.  
  • Setting a goal in competition can lift your game but competition is not for everybody.  
  • Arthur & Randy recall their journey competing together with only a spontaneous approach.  
  • Jake & Randy discuss the magic of spontaneous play and how it happened to them.

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Below are some more videos of Dave and Arthur’s winning routines:






Dave Lewis & Arthur Coddington Dropless 1996 FPA Freestyle Frisbee World Championships from Dave Spike Lewis on Vimeo.

The Frisbee Italian Championship Open and the US Open Overalls Will be Live Streamed

This coming weekend (June 15, 16, & 17 2018) we have a very special treat. 2 events will be Live Streamed; The Frisbee Italian Championship Open and the US Open Overalls.

US Open Overall Frisbee EventStarting on June 15, Lori Daniels will be bring us the Freestyle action from the US Open in Tallahassee Florida. As an appetizer, Jens will be running a Speed Flow event. Then we move to the Freestyle event, being run by Larry Imperiale. This year they are trying something new. Rather than teaming up, players will compete individually. The exact details have not yet been communicated beyond the competitors so it will be a surprise that we can look forward too. Of course, this is all contingent on the technology being a success. This is Lori’s first solo live stream production so a special thanks to her for taking on the challenge.

June 16 will bring us the finals of the US Open and the beginning of the Frisbee Italian Championship Open. FICO is being brought to us by Chris Belaj and is taking place on the beautiful beaches of the port of Lecce, San Cataldo, Italy. Hosted by Serge Marconi and the Roma crew, this event will include the Open Co-Op and Open Pairs divisions. This event is sure to draw some of the top European talent so don’t miss it! 

June 17 will bring us the finals from FICO, and hopefully a great jam day as well. Check out the event sites here US Open | FICO. Check the stream pages for the tentative schedules US Open | FICO.

Episode 70: Fabio Sanna Goes Al Dente

Fabio Sana Does a Chest Roll

  • Jake says that Jammers 2018 was the best in 11 years; there was a strong & consistent wind, which made the play exciting and allowed for some unique experimentation.
  • Fabio shares about the Acrobatic Frisbee Team with Claudio and Clay, who Randy agrees, is quite magical.
  • Find out how Tom Leitner & Paul Kenny play into Fabio’s evolution.
  • Fabio competed in Rimini, his first worlds, in 2004, and was thriller to make it to the semi-finals.
  • Eleonora entered the scene in 2004 and in 2006, they won the mixed pairs world title. That championship gave Europeans hope that anything was possible!
  • Fabio’s favorite routine with his lovely partner Eleonora, was in Prague in 2011, which was an amazing victory for them. 

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