Turkey Jam

Calling all NorCal jammers.There will be a jam on November 28th, 12:00p at Sonoma State University. Jake, Lori, Matt, and Lisa will be in attendance. This is the fifth? annual Turkey Jam. It will be a veritable shred fest. Plus, there will be an after adventure to Weaver’s Winter Wonder Land. Be there, or be square. A disc is round, round is better.

Still not sure? Here’s the video from 2007.

Jam Report

Every Sunday the Multnomah Community Center opens it’s doors to a local church service. For us spin worshipers, that means we can jam in the Dance studio during the service. Today it was Lori and I at jam church, praying for insight into the spin and the wisdom to follow the discs plan for us. Worship warmed up with some speed flow including a few spinning catches by Lori. We then reviewed the book of Larbs, practicing our scare crow brushes. Then it was onto the book of Skippy for some skid pass combos. Finally we broke into the jam, letting our spirits and the disc soar as we peeled out the indies and co-ops. Move of the day nod, according to Lori, goes to me. I had counter UD. I attempted a Saturn rings behind the back pass to myself. However, I hooked the rim too much and the disc nearly turned over. In a diving save attempt to slapped down on top of the disc, completing the turn over and adding spin. Sadly, I not could regain my footing to continue the chase. Despite not making the catch, the shock and awe of a turn-over slap-brush got me the nod.

Word of the Day – “Boosh”

Boosh: verb. 1. Individuals: To be replaced unceremoniously by another freestyler as a partner. To expect to play with a partner or partners, only to learn (indirectly) that another freestyler other than you will be The Partner. (synonyms: jilted, dropped, dumped) Ex. “I just found out that I was booshed by ___ and ___ just before the tournament.”

2. Teams: To assume that your team did not receive adequate points or to have played better than what was judged or what the results indicate. To feel as though the team has lost unfairly. Ex. “Your team was booshed and you should have won it!”

Returning From Beach Styler’s

What can I say? Dave and Amy know how to throw a tournament. They ordered up the perfect wind, sun, and tides for the weekend. Couple that with some of the heinest jammers and you have a recipe for a fabulous time. A few memorable moments in the jam: Larry’s 4 consecutive crow brushes, Chip’s leg over chest roll, so many hoops, jammin’ on the sand bar where Amy caught everything, OB regulars who just keep going, and a one on one death jam with Dave Murphy that almost took me down! Thanks Dave and Amy for a wonderful time. For the full report, read Dave’s post on Jammers on the net.

By the way, there was a mischievous day after jam…but I’ll save that for another post.

Rockin’ the Baby

Sometimes, a tired worker from Intel needs to find some entertainment from sitting in front of a computer all day. Perhaps jamming in the living room is an option! The latest Freestyle Disc move to be posted: Rock the Baby that Jake revitalized from someone he saw in OR during the last century. Enjoy! – LD

Word of the Day – Slick

Slick and RagSlick: noun. A substance applied, usually by spray, to one’s Frisbee to reduce the friction between the Frisbee and one’s finger nail. Usually a silicon based spray. Ex. I have a disc, do you have any slick?

Slick rag: noun. The nastiest old rag from the back of the closet, usually a sock, used to rub slick into the disc. Ex. Shoot, I forgot my slick rag again.

See the equipment article for recommendations.