FPAW 2002 Iconic Routines – Never Before Seen Online

Thought to be lost to the ages, I discovered these while going through old Hi tapes. Matt and I used to carry a Hi8 camcorder to events so who knows what else might turn up. Today’s installment:

  1. FPAW 2002 Co-Op Winners: Ted Oberhaus, Erwin Velasquez, and Randy Silvey perform the infamous rubber band routine.
  2. FPAW 2002 Mixed Pairs Winners: Cindy Saint Marry and Paul Kenny. This is Cindy’s first Mixed Pairs win and Paul’s first FPAW win.


Torneo Freestyle Frisbee will be Live Streamed

AIF TournamentThe Associazione Italiana Frisbee (AIF) is hosting the Torneo Freestyle Frisbee and, thanks to Martino Mandragora, the event will be live streamed right here on FrisbeeGuru. The event takes place in Milan, Italy on Sept 22 & 23. On the roster is a mix of highly capable, well known players and some closet jammers who are bound to impress. Competition includes Open and Mixed pairs. In addition, the AIF will be honoring Valentino De Chiara, the founder of the AIF and new inductee to the Freestyle Frisbee Hall of Fame. Check out the promo video on facebook. For more info, check the event facebook page.

Episode 75: FPAW 2018 Champ Interviews

Pavel is the first Czec ChampionWe’re back!!

Co-op Champions
Pavel Baranyk – Ryan Young – Dave Schiller

Womens Champions
Emma Kahle – Lisa Hunrichs

Mixed Champions
Matt Gauthier – Lisa Hunrichs

Open Pairs Champions
James Wiseman – Ryan Young

FPAW 2018 Results are here

FPAW 2018 Routines are here

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FPAW 2018 Day 1 & 2 Results and Day 3 Pools

Co-Op Quarterfinals – Pool A – Results

Co-Op Quarterfinals – Pool B – Results

Mixed Pairs Semifinals – Pool A – Results

Mixed Pairs Semifinals Pool B – Results

Open Pairs Quarterfinals – Pool A – Results

Open Pairs Quarterfinals – Pool B – Results

Open Pairs Quarterfinals Pool C – Results

Open Pairs Quarterfinals – Pool D – Results

Open Co-Op Semifinals – Pool A – Play Order

Open Co-Op Semifinals – Pool B – Play Order

Open Pairs Semifinals – Pool B – Play Order

Open Pairs Semifinals – Pool B – Play Order

Womens Pairs Seminfinals – Play Order

EFO 2018 Final Results

EFO Logo

Women’s Pairs

1. Ilka Simon, Anna Merlo
2. Jessica S., Silvina Porsch
3. Juliana Korver, Lori Daniels
4. Char Powell, Elena Dalmasso

Open Pairs

1. Jakub Kostel, Ryan Young
2. James Wiseman, Pavel Baranyk
3. Ayal Benin, Daniel O’neill
4. Andrea Rimatori, Tom Leitner
5. Yuval Reikoren, Daniel Pinchasov
6. Andrea Festi, Mattia Colombari
7. Harald S., Thomas Nötzel
8. Edoardo Turri, Benjamin Edelmann

Mixed Pairs

1. Jakub Kostel, Ilka Simon
2. Lori Daniels, James Wiseman
3. Andrea Rimatori, Char Powell
4. Silvina Porsch, Pablo Andres mosquer
5. Juliana Korver, Daniel O’neill
6. Anna Merlo, Andrea Festi

Open Co-Op

1. Ryan Young, James Wiseman, Pavel Baranyk
2. Jakub Kostel, Paul Kenny, Freddy Finner
3. Harald S., Daniel O’neill, Randy Silvey
4. Kuba Radwanski, Mateusz Gajewski, Toby Künzel
5. Thomas Nötzel, Ayal Benin, Fabian Dinklage
6. Fabrizio “Nino” Nicco, Pablo Andres mosquer, Jan Soerensen

The Freestyle Players Association World Championships Will Be Live Streamed

Trnava Frisbee GamesThis year, the Freestyle Players Association World Championships (FPAW 2018) will take place in Trnava, Slovakia on August 1 – 4 and will be a part of a larger flying disc event called the Trnava Frisbee Games. You can tune in and watch FPAW 2018 here and check our blog for results.

FPAW is the premier freestyle Frisbee event and always showcases the best talent in the sport. Teams practice for months, mastering routine choreography and honing their skills in order to make their bid to be crowned world champions. With 7 of the top 10 ranked players registered, 2018 will be another stellar event. You don’t want to miss it.

Trnava Frisbee Games will also include Disc Dog, Ultimate, and Disc Golf. Much of this action will be available on a second stream.

Here are some links to get you fired up.