How to Live Stream Your Event – Introduction

How to Live Stream Like a Pro

In this series I’ll explain how to live stream (also known as webcast) a freestyle frisbee event. I have live streamed many FPA World Championships and other events and have learned many things along the way. Though I still plan to stream many more events I just can’t get to all of them. I want to share the live streaming knowledge in the hopes that more events show up online. If you want to stream an event that’s not Freestyle Frisbee, stay tuned as this series can help you as well.

Note, links to equipment below are the current or newer versions of what I use in my kit. Your use of these links helps pay for future Freestyle Frisbee live streaming.

To deliver a successful live stream, it helps to have a basic understanding of how it all works. In the most basic form it works like this. A camera at the event captures all the action and turns it into an audio/video signal. This signal is something like what comes from a DVD player. In other words, if you connected it to your TV, you’d see it on the TV screen.

The signal leaves the camera, usually over an HDMI cable, and then enters an encoding device. This device converts the audio/video signal for the internet. In most cases this device is a computer, though there are other methods.

For a computer to accept a video signal, it needs a special device called a capture card. On one side the capture card connects to the computer via USB or Thunderbolt and on the other side it connects to the camera via HDMI. It’s sole purpose it to convert the audio/video signal so the computer can accept and process it.

Telestream Wirecast

So now that the computer has the signal it encodes it to a format that can be sent over the internet. This format is usually compressed as H.264. In other words, its smaller so it can make it across the internet in real time. It does this using software meant for webcasting. I like to use Telestream’s Wirecast.

Once encoded, the computer sends the signal to a Live Streaming service. This service accepts the signal and makes it available for anyone who wants to watch. When someone opens up the video player, the service will send the signal to their screen. This service is what takes a single audio/video signal and duplicates it so that multiple people can watch. The service I most recently used was YouTube.

OK, so the list for a basic stream looks like this:

  1. Camera
  2. Capture Device
  3. Computer
  4. Software
  5. Internet Access
  6. Streaming Service

But wait, that’s the most basic setup. What if you want to take your stream to the next level? Multiple camera angles? Professional sounding audio? HD? Video that doesn’t stutter, has good lighting, and is pleasing to watch? Audience engagement? Well it takes some effort but it’s well worth it. Here is my kit:

  1. 2 or 3 cameras
  2.  Tripod for every camera
  3. Memory cards so the cameras can record as they stream, a backup so nothing gets lost
  4. Stacks of camera batteries
  5. Macbook Pro with Wirecast
  6. Pre-recorded videos for filler
  7. Graphics E.G. to show team’s names before they start
  8. 2 or 3 Black Magic capture devices
  9. 2nd computer to monitor the stream and for backup
  10. Sound mixing board (or 2) with a line to the DJ
  11. 2 microphones to pick ambient sound
  12. 2 Microphones to talk to the Audience as the host
  13. Internet access provided by the event
  14. Youtube for a streaming service though I am looking into alternatives
  15. Batteries for the computers
  16. Volunteers to help

In the future articles I’ll go into details about each item, planning and testing, the process during an event, and give a few step-by-step guides to help ease the learning curve. If you’re interested to host your own live stream, please subscribe so you can see the articles as soon as they are released. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer.

FPAW Day 1 Players Schedule

Today is CoOp and Open qualifier rounds. The top 8 teams in CoOp and top 25 teams in Open get a bye into the next round and so will not be playing today. It will be festival judging and the pools are as follows:

CoOp A
Giovanni Coppo, Roger Meier, Doug Simon
Pat Marron, Johnny Trevino, Mike Galloupe
Lorenzo Modarelli, Andrea Marciano, Antonio Piccione Cusmá
Dave Zeff, Mark Regalbuti, Joey Hudoklin
Scott Weaver, Lou Sumrall, Yuval Reikoren
Rick Lebeau, Ian White, Dan Schmitt
Toddy Brodeur, Dave Schiller, Sascha Scherzinger

CoOp B
Jan Soerensen, Alfonso Lopez Velez, Pablo Andres Mosquer
Jens Velasquez, Erwin Velasquez, Lori Daniels
Edoardo Gargano, Mattia Lambertini, Mirco Zanchetta
Andreas Jaderyd, Alan Caplin, Bill Wright
Anna Merlo, John Titcomb, Dan Burke
Charles Logan, Jakub Matula, Chris Bellaj
Lisa Hunrichs, Bianca Strunz, Jens Friebe

Open A
Yuval Reikoren, Lou Sumrall
Roger Meier, Doug Simon
Jakub Matula, Dan Burke
Dave Zeff, Chuck Richard
John Titcomb, Charles Logan

Open B
Lorenzo Modarelli, Andrea Marciano
Brian McElwain, Patrick Shartrand
Juliana Korver, Rick Lebeau
Joey Hudoklin, Mark Regalbuti
Edoardo Gargano, Mirco Zanchetta
Alfonso Lopez Velez, Dan Schmitt

Tune in here.

Freestyle Frisbee World Championships 2016 Live Stream

NY LogoWe will be streaming the Freestyle Frisbee World Championships 2016 from Aug 3 – 6.. This year the event will be held in New York, New York. Currently there are 85 registered competitors ranging from 9 different countries. This includes the top 16 ranked players in the sport. This should prove to be a very exciting event.

Also on the schedule is the inaugural Hall of Fame inductions. This will take place on finals day. See the schedule and watch the stream here.

Watch The Jammers 2016 Live

The Jammers 2016 happens tomorrow at 1p UTC -4 (EST). We plan to live stream! There are some top tier teams in attendance this year including Jake Gauthier / Ryan Young and James Wiseman / Daniel O’Neil who finished 2nd and 1st respectively at Virginia states. Tune in and watch live.

Note, The jammers is usually a beach tournament. However, due to the weather we will be in doors this year. This could prove to be trouble for the live stream as we were not able to go to the site to do an internet speed test, so if the event doesn’t go live or is very jumpy, tune in later to watch the replay.

Watch Frisbeer Cup 2016 Live

Frisbeer CupHeinsville will be live streaming Frisbeer Cup 2016 on March 4 – 6 starting at noon UTC+1. Frisbeer Cup is an annual indoor event held in Prague, Czech Republic. This year there are over 80 competitors registered including many new players and some of your old favorites as well. Rounds include Mixed, Co-Op, Women’s, and Open Pairs. While this event uses the standard FPA judging rules, there are 6 judges instead of 9 and routines are 3 minutes (4 for Co-Op) which makes the event move quickly. It also encourages players to go big or go home since they have less time to impress the judges.

Another notable for this event is that judging will be run using live data entry on tablets. This is the latest revision of the version used at AFC and AFO before that. This is the first time this data entry system will be used in Europe. One of the new features is it’s tie into the live stream. The tablets will provide live team names and a score board so viewers can keep track of how their favorite teams are doing.

Tune in and learn more here.

AFC 2015 Videos and Results

Open Pairs Finals

Open Finals Results
Rank Total
Paul Kenny – Ryan Young 1 59.83333
Matt Gauthier – Cindy St. mary 2 57.13333
Jeff O’brien – Jonathan Willett 3 52.45
Mike Galloupe – Johnny Trevino 4 47.5
Steve Scannell – Carl Dobson 5 44.86667
Charles Logan – Dave Bolyard 6 40.96667
Tony Pellicane – Angelo Trevino 7 33.56667
Gerry Geare – Rick Moody 8 31.66667


Women’s Pairs Finals

Women Finals Results
Rank Total
Emma Kahle – Lori Daniels 1 46.36667
Lisa Hunrichs – Bethany Sanchez 2 39.38333
Cindy St. mary – Mary Lowry 3 34.86667
Stephanie Chan – Marie Geare 4 29.35

Mixed Pairs Finals

Mixed Finals Results

Rank Total
Matt Gauthier – Lisa Hunrichs 1 54.7
Tony Pellicane – Cindy St. mary 2 54.28333
Paul Kenny – Bethany Sanchez 3 51.36667
Jeff O’brien – Lori Daniels 4 45.43333
Charles Logan – Mary Lowry 5 39.41667
Ryan Young – Megan Grilliot 6 38.25

CoOp Finals

Coop Finals Results
Rank Total
Paul Kenny – Ryan Young – Jeff O’brien 1 51.59474
Lisa Hunrichs – Jonathan Willett – Tony Pellicane 2 40.36491
Lori Daniels – Gerry Geare – Carl Dobson 3 39.88158
Mike Galloupe – Charles Logan – Johnny Trevino 4 38.10088
Steve Scannell – Rick Moody – Marie Geare 5 27.78421
Dave Bolyard – Stephanie Chan – Mary Lowry 6 27.6


Women’s Semi

Women Semifinals Results  – 4 teams advance to finals
Pool A
Total Rank
1: Lisa Hunrichs – Bethany Sanchez 45.86667 1
2: Emma Kahle – Lori Daniels 45.33333 2
3: Cindy St. mary – Mary Lowry 33.9 3
4: Stephanie Chan – Marie Geare 31.56667 4

Mixed Semi

Mixed Semifinals Results – top three team from each pool advance to finals
Pool A
Total Rank
1: Paul Kenny – Bethany Sanchez 45.5 1
2: Tony Pellicane – Cindy St. mary 44.68333 2
3: Ryan Young – Megan Grilliot 38.1 3
4: Gerry Geare – Marie Geare 32.06667 4
5: Mike Galloupe – Mickeala Galloupe 31.61667 5
Pool B
Total Rank
1: Jeff O’brien – Lori Daniels 50.33333 1
2: Matt Gauthier – Lisa Hunrichs 49.93333 2
3: Charles Logan – Mary Lowry 37.88333 3
4: Steve Scannell – Stephanie Chan 33.66667 4

CoOp Semi

Coop Semifinals Results  – 6 teams advance to finals
Pool A
Total Rank
1: Lisa Hunrichs – Jonathan Willett – Tony Pellicane 41.10263 1
2: Mike Galloupe – Charles Logan – Johnny Trevino 38.52719 2
3: Dave Bolyard – Stephanie Chan – Mary Lowry 31.0614 3
Pool B
Total Rank
1: Paul Kenny – Ryan Young – Jeff O’brien 53.39561 1
2: Steve Scannell – Rick Moody – Marie Geare 36.37719 2
3: Lori Daniels – Gerry Geare – Carl Dobson 35.64211 3

AFC 2015 First Day Results

Today we had Open Pairs Semin Finals. 8 Teams. No major upsets in the results, but some amazing tournament play. Attached are the videos from today. Also, here’s a link to some drone footage of the jams from my friend Yilian.

Open Semifinals Results
Pool A
Total Rank
4: Tony Pellicane – Angelo Trevino 25.96667
3: Gerry Geare – Rick Moody 29
2: Mike Galloupe – Johnny Trevino 48.43333
1: Matt Gauthier – Cindy St. mary 53.38334

Pool B
Total Rank
4: Charles Logan – Dave Bolyard 32.53333
3: Steve Scannell – Carl Dobson 42.98333
2: Jeff O’brien – Jonathan Willett 46.16667
1: Paul Kenny – Ryan Young 53.76667