Episode 92: Fabio Sanna Paints with Air

Fabio Didge

  • Fabio shares something about himself that many don’t know and talks about how it has enhanced his Freestyle game.
  • Jake asks Fabio what advice he has for new players.
  • He is a self-proclaimed monomaniac, and you’ll hear why.
  • Randy asks Fabio to name who he’d play with under the most ideal circumstances and some other bizarre questions.
  • He also reminisces about his first world championships and everything that goes along with that.

Reminder that Jammers 22nd Annual Tournament is on May 18th and will be live streamed.

Episode 91: Rick Castiglia Wouldn’t Change a Thing!

Photo by Scott Star

  • The Coloradicals were the first World Champions from Colorado, but why did the team break up?
  • Rick moved to San Diego, and everyone just kind of went their own way.
  • They all remained great friends, but they spread the jam elsewhere.
  • Rick shares his most memorable jams…
  • He also talks about meeting Stacy Anderson, now McCarthy, and how they made a living doing demos.
  • Jake asks about Art of Disc where he partnered with Dave Schiller and Joel Rodgers.
  • Rick is one of 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees. The ceremony for all 2019 inductees will take place at the Worlds in Seattle in October 10th – 13th.
  • Virginia States 2019 are in progress, if you don‘t catch the live stream, tune in later for the recorded version.
  • Don’t forget we will be livestreaming the 22nd annual Jammers Championship in Jacksonville, Florida on May 18th!

Episode 90: Kate Dow and the Pros and Cons of Playing in the Moment

Kate Dow Catches Flamingo

Photo by Kyle Hughes

      • Its jam season and Jake asks Randy what he is going to be working on…their conversation goes places you might not expect.
      • Kate Dow talks about some of her favorite players, and how inspirational they were to her.
      • She shares how she learned about consecutivity.
      • The Venice Green and the family environment was a highlight for Kate.
      • She struggled with the balance of jamming and having fun, with competing and not being too hard on herself.
      • She talks about the pros and cons of playing in the moment and the beautiful flow that can create.
      • Kate, Randy, and Jake discuss the impact of this to new players that aren’t on the same level. What are some possible solutions for this?
      • Virginia States will be live streamed the weekend of April 27th, so check it out!

Episode 89: Konn Kummins – Gets InterDISCiplinary

Konn Catches a Square Root

  • Konn talks about his travels to the jam mecca of Santa Barbara and what is what like to be there during it’s heyday.
  • Joey Hudoklin became an unknowing mentor and Evan David inspires once again mentor.
  • How many different disciplines did Konn employ to improve his game?
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Frisbeer 2019 Champion Interviews

Photo by Ron Kretschmann

Mixed Pairs – Edoardo Turri – Maxine Mittempergher

Open Pairs – James Wiseman – Mehrdad Hosseinian
Womens Pairs – Ilka Simon – Juliana Korver
Co-op – James Wiseman – Ryan Young – Daniel O’Neill

Episode 87: John Kirkland Keeps Searching for His Passion

JK Inducted into the HOF

  • John continues to talk about his partnership with Donny Rhodes and how Donny’s play ignited quickly, going from humble beginnings to one of the best players in the world.
  • He elaborates on their experience playing together in the Rose Bowl, ranging from planning their routine to the white unitards they proudly wore.
  • In the end, the Coloradicals came out ahead and he shares his thoughts on how Freestyle was judged back then.
  • Ultimately, John stopped playing and started focusing on ball golf.
  • Jake and Randy discuss what keeps them connected to Freestyle and what keeps people connected to their passions.

Frisbeer Live Stream is going on now, and HolyJam will be next weekend.

Episode 86: Chipper Bro Bell Continues to Splash His Art

Chip Lacer

  • Randy asks Chipper Bro which 3 players he’d choose to play with under some very specific conditions.
  • They give their regards to their friend and fellow freestyler, Dave Bailey, who recently passed away. 
  • Find out Chipper’s favorite tricks and how they make him feel.
  • Can anyone guess Chipper’s preferred kitchen utensil?
  • Hear how fabulous frisbee tricks facilitated the federales putting down their guns and other wild stories.
  • Chip closes out with some touching sentiments!
  • Several weeks ago, there was a guest that did the intro… Who done it, you ask? It was Eduardo Turri from Rovereto, Italy. We got lots of good guesses, but no one got it right.
  • Thanks to everyone that helped make City vs City a success. The finals between NYC and Berlin were close, but in the end, Berlin walked away with the keys to the city of Heinsville and they will wear the crown for 2019.
  • Frisbeer is coming up in early March, and if you’re not going to be there in person, we hope you’ll tune in for the live stream on frisbeeguru.com.

Episode 85: Dave and Arthur…Forever United

Dave Catches Gitis

Photo by Rick Lebeau

Although they had a streak of winning in the co-op division, Dave and Arthur had to go back to the drawing board to start winning in pairs.

    • Find out what cool thing ties Jake, Randy, Dave, & Arthur together.
    • Hear them share memories about competing in unpredictable weather conditions.
    • Find out why Dave and Arthur eventually stopped playing together.

City vs City Finals are next Saturday, Feb. 9th, 2pm, eastern standard time. Tune in to watch Berlin and NYC battle it out. Who will win the Crown of Heinsville and who will be the Mayor for 2019?

Episode 84: Fabio Sanna is a Fighter

Fabio and his son

  • Happy New Year everyone!
  • Fabio talks about what it was like to be at the beginning of the Frisbee wave in Europe.
  • Fabio says Tommy was the fertilizer that made it grow in Italy.
  • He shares his inspiration for the many videos he created on a website he developed before YouTube, which in turn, inspired many other players.
  • But as a loner spending so much time practicing, he (& others) questioned if he was wasting his time. We clearly know the answer to that!
  • Fabio of course loves to win but shares his insights on what can be gained from losing.
  • Prize money? Fabio doesn’t think we need it, but he likes the idea of contributing more funds towards growing the sport.
  • Jake, Randy, & Fabio have a in depth discussion on the pros and cons.

You may have noticed that a talented guest did the intro… the first person who guesses who it is, will receive a Frisbee Guru t-shirt.

Please tune in to the City vs. City battle on January 12th at 2p.m. eastern time (USA) when NYC takes on Medellin. The next battle will be on January 26th, when Bologna takes on Berlin. The finals will take place on February 9th.

Episode 83: Doug E Fresh Top 10 – Are You a Serious Jammer?

  • Doug E Fresh reveals his top 10 signs you are a serious jammer 
  • City vs City – 4 cities will battle it out for the championship. 
    • New York City
    • Medellin
    • Bologna
    • Berlin
  • What city will be crowned Heinsville for 2019?